Some people need the sense of closure brought about by visiting a celebrity's final resting place, for others it's a tribute or even morbid curiosity.

We will start our list with the brothers, "Dimebag" Darell Abbott and "Uncle Vin" Vinnie Paul Abbott. The two former Pantera and Damageplan members are laid to rest at the Moore Memorial Cemetary in Arlington, Tex.

Next up is one of my favorite television characters ever, Alice from the Brady Bunch. Ann B. Davis is buried at St. Helena's Columbarium and Memorial Gardens in Boerne, Tex

Jumping back in time even further, Davy Crockett is in a tomb in the back of San Fernando Cathedral.

One of the most influential musicians of all time, Buddy Holly has his final resting place in the City of Lubbock cemetery.

While we're talking about influential musicians, you can visit Stevie Ray Vaughan's resting place at the Laurel Land Memorial Park, in Dallas, Texas.

Hispanic megastar Selena (Selena Quintanilla Perez) was laid to rest at Seaside Memorial Park, Corpus Christi, Texas

You can visit a couple of big names from the sports world, Tom Landry at the Sparkman-Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery in North Dallas, and baseball great Mikey Mantle's final resting place is also there.

The notorious Bonnie and Clyde (Bonnie Elizabeth Parker and Clyde Barrow) were actually buried separately with Bonnie at the Crown Hill Park Memorial Cemetary in Dallas, and Clyde was buried at the Western Heights Cemetary in West Dallas (They were not buried together due to a family dispute).

Wrapping it up for now, famous recluse, inventor, and all-around rich guy, Howard Hughes Glenwood Cemetary in Houston.

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