Try not to think about this the next time you go under an overpass. 

The thing is, I tend to worry about this sort of thing. Seriously, now and then when I’m at a stop light under an overpass the thought of a vehicle coming off the overpass and crashing down onto the cars below flashes through my mind. 

Yeah, I’m wired like that.

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The good thing is that I’m a defensive driver because of the way I think. The bad thing is that I tend to worry about things I should not. 

Anyway, a driver in Royse City Texas probably needed a clean pair of underwear after an 18-wheeler came crashing down the side of an overpass, just a few feet in front of them. Had the driver been there just a few seconds earlier, it would have ended badly.

It’s not clear whether anyone in the truck was injured in the accident. Hopefully, everyone is okay.

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