The video below features one of the slickest escapes I have ever witnessed.

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A camera was rolling as a handful of firemen along with some cops were closing in on a shirtless man on the roof of a Dallas, Texas area Whataburger. It seems as if the government employees had him right where they wanted him. Where could he go except down into the waiting arms of law enforcement?

Not So Fast

This man runs down the slanted roof and launches himself into the air with the greatest of ease. Look at the air the rascal got on that jump!



He then bounces off the hood of a truck below like a cartoon. For sure the cops have them right where they want him now.


Run Forrest, Run!

The shirtless Desparardo jumps down off of the car and immediately jukes the first cop who almost gets his hands on him. Ren then shoulder-checks the second cop to reach him. Now he's at full speed, and it looks like he might get away.


Unfortunately, this is where the footage ends. As usual, our cameraman did not understand the assignment and stopped recording way too soon  Although catching that jump on film was pretty sweet, I just would have liked to see the finale.

Check out the video below:


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