The weather has been wilder than usual in Texas lately. And if you know anything about the weather in the Lone Star State, that’s saying something. 

We’re used to dealing with severe thunderstorms regularly from March through June. But the storms have been particularly fierce this year. 

Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, those storms are on full display on social media.

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I can go down the severe weather video rabbit hole all day long on the internet. In some cases, the clips are so close to the action that I get anxious. Seriously, my palms and armpits will be soaking wet. 

But at least we can watch those types of videos from a safe distance. Can you imagine how intense it is for storm chasers when they’re right there up close and personal to the action? 

Today’s video doesn’t come to us courtesy of a storm chaser (I assume). Instead, it appears to be dash cam footage from a truck traveling on I-35 in Fort Worth. 

The clip shows the moment lightning strikes a vehicle traveling on the service road on Thursday morning (May 16). 

I’m pretty sure I would have had to pull over and gather myself for a few minutes if it were me. I also would have probably needed a clean pair of underwear.

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