At one point, everybody got annoyed by school in Texas right?

We've all been there of course. There's a project making us lose our minds, or a piece of homework that is just completely taking way too long. So simply put, learning isn't always the easiest.

As many get older and reach the high school level of learning, the stress only increases. After all, for one to get into the college they wish to attend, they must have the GPA required. But, not everybody decides to finish high school.

There's always a chance that a student decides to drop out of education all together in the Lone Star State. While some may frown upon it, it is the decision of the student and family do so. But where are students dropping out most in the state of Texas?

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The County With Most High School Dropouts In Texas Is...

To find out the county with the most students leaving high school forever, we turn to Newsweek. The news organization used data from the U.S Census Bureau, narrowed down by people who live in the state over 25 with a diploma from high school.


So what did the dat reveal? Well a small county in Texas, Kenedy County to be exact, had the highest percentage in the state. The data reveals 66.8% dropout rate. This is out of the 350 people who live in that area.

Remember to stay in school everyone! Otherwise you might not make as much money as you want!

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