This shouldn't be as funny as it is.

The video at the bottom of this article features a jokester having a little fun at the expense of this young lady, who seems to take it extremely well.  Kudos to her for having a sense of humor.

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This one is short and sweet. The video opens with the cameraperson driving in his car, approaching a woman whose car is stuck on the cement divider between a parking lot and a pretty steep hill of grass.


Forward or Reverse?

Which way was she going to get her car like that?  It seems impossible.


The Joke

The cameraman pulls up alongside the young woman and says "Uhm, you can't... you can't park there." He says it with such a deadpan, matter-of-fact delivery, that she actually looks at her car and ponders the statement for a second.


The Comeback

After looking at the car, it dawns on her that this rascal is being sarcastic.  "Oh yeah, " she replies, "Ha ha funny funny."

It doesn't look like any real damage has been done to the car.  In fact, with a small car like that, he could have gone over there and the two of them could have possibly lifted the back end up and got her going.  We're going to pretend that's what he did after the video ended.

Check out the video for yourself below.


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