UPDATE: A little after 4 pm on Friday, the crowdfunding campaign hit $15,433,631!


Everyone loves JJ Watt, right? Except maybe Dallas Cowboys fans. But after what he's done this week in an effort to help Hurricane Harvey victims, it's going to be hard to not like the Houston Texans phenom.

As have many amazing people done this week, Watt spearheaded an effort to help provide relief to fellow Texans after the storm hit. As you can see in the Instagram above posted by him, the initial goal was $250 thousand, then $1 million, and it just kept growing.

As of Thursday morning, the YouCaring crowdfunding campaign initiated by Watt hit the $10 million mark! You can also donate if you'd like here.

It might sound like an old thing to say by now, but everyday I'm more and more inspired by people coming out and making a difference. It's not always about money - it's donations, rescues, awareness - the list goes on as far as what people are doing for our fellow human beings.

He even had The Ellen Show donate $1 million alone!

Just add it to the long list of amazing deeds people do for each other in times of need.

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