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President Joe Biden on Thursday announced his executive orders on gun control. As I expected yesterday, nothing he announced today would stop gun violence or mass shootings. Instead it was just an attack on the 2nd Amendment and the freedoms we love.

The President showed numerous times that he is either a liar or completely ignorant on the issue of guns. And given that many in the news media are ignorant on guns, we are likely to see little pushback from the media on what Biden announced on Thursday. According to FOX News, Biden is calling on the Justice Department, within a month to come up with a rule to ban ghost guns.

Ghost Guns and the tools needed to put them together aren't cheap and they take a while. I don't believe a mass shooting has been carried out by a person with one and I doubt the gang bangers in Chicago are having weekly build sessions for firearms. Biden didn't stop there though.

Biden is also asking the DOJ within 60 days to propose a rule on braces used for handguns, which make them more accurate; proposing action on "community violence intervention"; asking the DOJ to publish suggestions for "red flag" legislation; and having his administration issue a report on gun trafficking.

This is a blatant attack on the 2nd Amendment and one I hope is challenged in court. Biden's argument that the brace used for handguns makes them more concealable and deadly, like a sawed-off shotgun is false.

Biden also announced during the speech that he would nominate David Chipman as director of the ATF. Chipman as worked with the Giffords group which is an anti-2nd Amendment organization.

Perhaps the biggest lie told by the President on Thursday was when he said you can go into a gun show and buy anything without a background check.

This is either Biden's ignorance coming through or he is a complete liar. Maybe both. Most, if not all these days, sellers at gun shows are licensed dealers. That means they must complete a background check if the sell a gun.

All those who support the 2nd Amendment should be offended by what Biden announced on Thursday and should be ready to fight against these rules.

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