Miss Joe on the show? Well good news! He is coming right here to Wichita Falls next year.

If you want to talk about a show that I have spent too much time watching. It is 'Impractical Jokers'. It's mindless TV entertainment and I love it. Without a doubt my favorite on the show was Joe Gatto. He went all out on the show. Nothing was better than when he would win. His punishments for the guys were always the best. Perhaps the most famous is the tattoos.

Sadly, we found out earlier this year (technically the last day of 2021) that Joe Gatto was leaving the show. He decided he was going to focus on being a father for his kids and nothing wrong with that. However, it does look like Joe will be spending a little time on the road doing standup.

Wichita Falls Tour Date

It was just announced that January 21, 2023 Joe will be performing live at Memorial Auditorium right here in Wichita Falls. Tickets can be purchased online by clicking here, or at the Texoma Community Credit Union Box Office just inside the doors of the MPEC. More information is available by calling (940) 716-5555. Tickets will start to go on sale this Friday (November 18th, 2022).


Joe does offer Meet and Greet tickets as well. If you have an Impractical Joker fan in your life, these would make a great Christmas present this year. Maybe don't tell Joe to 'suck it' when you meet him for the first time. The MPEC does say this is intended to be a 16 and up show, so leave the little ones at home for this.

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