If you're going to commit a crime, always smart not to leave any evidence behind. Also, don't leave your kid at the scene of the crime either.

Looks like Austin police had a busy Monday morning earlier this week. Around 5 AM on August 22nd, police responded to a rollover accident. Witnesses observed the woman flee the scene after flipping over her vehicle. According to witnesses, a child was left in the car as well. The woman did apparently attempt to get the child out of their, but was not having any luck.

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The four-year-old was able to crawl out of a broken window and police found a witness holding the small child when they arrived. The child in police report was only known as L.A. and he had told police that his mom was drunk. A few hours later, police got a missing child's report from the boy's grandmother and she claimed her daughter was the one driving.

A vehicle records check indicated that the vehicle belonged to a Yolanda Olvera. Police were able to find her at a nearby Austin hospital. She was arrested upon leaving the hospital. According to Fox 7 Austin, her only charges are Failure to Stop and Render Aid. I imagine more charges could be coming from this. The officers interviewed her, and she confirmed to them that she was driving from a friend's house who lived off of Oltorf Road around 5-6 a.m.

She remains in the Travis County Jail as of this posting.

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