Ever since he refused to share his work bonus with his wife, one man says he's noticed a lot of "tension" in his marriage.

Sharing his situation on Reddit, the man, 40, explained that every year for Christmas his in-laws usually give his wife, 39, money. However, due to some financial hardships, her parents were unable to give as much money as they usually do this past holiday.

The man was fortunate enough to receive a work bonus, and since the two usually keep their extra cash separate, he chose not to share his bonus, which infuriated her.

"Since she became a SAHM [stay-at-home mom], her parents always give her some money as a present for Christmas. It’s about $1,000, sometimes more depending on their financial situation," the man wrote via Reddit.

"I receive a similar amount as a Christmas bonus at work though it varies too. We decided that our respective Christmas cash would be our independent spending money for the year that is kept separate from the rest of our finances which are shared," he continued.

While his wife only received $100 from her parents for Christmas, the man received $1,300 as his bonus.

"When I told my wife this, she said that we should split the money so that we both have $700 to spend. I refused because our agreement was that we would keep our Christmas money separate and spend it how we choose," he wrote, noting they "never split the money 50/50."

"I also brought up how a few years back, my company had a particularly rough year and as a result, I only got a $100 bonus. That same year, my wife got $1,000 from her parents and did not split it with me and I did not expect her to. So if she didn’t think we should split the money 50/50 back then when she had received more, she shouldn’t expect me to split it 50/50 now," the husband added.

In the comments section, many Reddit users appeared to side with the husband.

"Reading your post, I was thinking that you should definitely split the money with your wife until I read that when the situation was reversed a few years ago, she didn't share with you. You would be 'in the right' to refuse to share, based on this," one person wrote.

"You had an agreement. You're just following that agreement. She also followed that agreement when it was beneficial for her," another user commented.

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