Whataburger is good, but miles long good?

I know here in Texas we hype up Whataburger and I think it's worth the hype. Nothing hits like a late night Whataburger run. I'm sure folks across the country want to try one of our Texas staples. Whataburger has slowly started expanding across the country and Missouri just got their first location in Lee's Summit.

Which is only a twenty minute drive from Arrowhead Stadium where the Kansas City Chiefs play. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes since leaving Texas Tech has said that they need a Whataburger in the area. Well Patrick, you got your wish. Also, just in time for the Dallas Cowboys to roll into town this weekend. So if any Texans need that taquito fix Sunday morning going to the game, you're good to go.

Just be prepared to wait. The line for their grand opening was literally miles long yesterday. Also felt appropriate to open on National Fast Food Day and we had plenty of Whataburger favorites making the top of our list for favorite fast food. The one thing I do want to say though is, I don't think I would wait miles for ANY food out there.

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I love Whataburger, but I don't think it's worth this wait. If I see eight cars in any drive thru, I'm going to go eat somewhere else. So enjoy yourselves Missouri, I hope you enjoy Whataburger as much as we do down here. Maybe wait a little bit to go try it while the hype dies down.

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