An aromatherapy spray has apparently killed two people and it has been pulled from Walmart store shelves.

You might have heard of this story last year, but I just found out about it today after the New England Journal of Medicine published their research on the case. It looks like people were becoming infected with something called Burkholderia pseudomallei. It's an infection when someone becomes exposed to contaminated soils and water in tropical and subtropical environments.

This is very rare infection to get in the United States, unless someone travels to that area. All four people in America that became infected with this, had no recent travel. Authorities were trying to find some sort of connection between the four and it looks like they all had purchased an aromatherapy spray from Walmart.

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The brand is called Better Homes & Gardens and is made in India. If you have any of this in your house, I would find a way to properly dispose of this immediately. Walmart has already pulled all of the products off of their shelves after the Consumer Product Safety Commission released a report.

The products recalled were Better Home and Gardens aromatherapy: Lemon and mandarin; lavender; peppermint; lime and eucalyptus; and sandalwood and vanilla. The one that it appears all four infected had was the lavender and chamomile spray.

Two people died from the spray and another two were hospitalized including a young girl here in Texas. Four-year-old Lylah Baker of Grayson County, Texas spent five months in the hospital after the infection spread to her brain. She had to get physical therapy so she could learn to walk again.

Walmart was selling this product from February to October of 2021 so be sure you be on the lookout if you know someone who uses these aromatherapy sprays.

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