If you prefer your working conditions nowadays, you’re not alone. 

new survey conducted by WalletHub found that almost 60% of Americans believe the COVID-19 pandemic has made working conditions better. 

The survey found that working from home was preferable to working from an office for many people. So much so that almost a third of the people surveyed believed the office will become a thing of the past. 

However, not everyone is on board with the idea of working remotely from now on. A third of Americans believe there should be harsh penalties for people who refuse to go back to the office, going so far as to suggest termination for employees who won’t return. 

With that being said, 41% of people surveyed believed employees should receive hazard pay for returning to the office. The survey also found that 53% believe businesses should be held responsible for people who get sick. 

As far as productivity goes, 50% of those surveyed with small children don’t believe they’re as productive working from home. Also, 61% of people don’t believe their coworkers are as productive when working from home. 

I can say for myself, the thing I miss most about working from the office is being around my coworkers, which topped the list of things those surveyed miss the most about going into the office. 37% of people said they missed their coworkers. 27% said they missed nothing at all about going into the office. 

Get the full results and methodology of the survey here.

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