Netflix’s latest game show is so edgy, I can’t even print its full title on this website.

It is called Bulls—: The Game Show and it features game show mainstay Howie Mandel in a series that will apparently award someone $1 million purely on their ability to spew the best bulls—. Frankly, I’m offended this is the first I’m hearing about this, because it’s the first game show since Beat the Geeks I’m actually qualified to be a contestant on.

You can watch the trailer for the show below. It’s sort of hard to get the full mechanics of the game from it, but basically it seems like the concept is Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? crossed with the kid who used to sit next to you on the bus to school and just make up crap and pretend like it was real just to mess with you. Take a look:

Here is how Netflix describes the premise of the show.

Hosted by Howie Mandel, Bullsh*t The Game Show will offer contestants a chance to win big money, even when they don’t know the correct answer. Throughout the game, players will work their way up a money ladder either by answering questions correctly or by confidently giving incorrect answers – and persuading their opponents that they are accurate. To win big in this game you don't have to be the smartest person in the room to cash in, you just have to convince everyone that you are.

Bullsh*t premieres on Netflix on April 27. I still can’t get over that title. If Netflix’s next game show is called Mother F—er I’m really going to write them a sternly worded letter.

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