An ad from a t-shirt company appearing in the New York Times is certain to spark outrage with some Christians. Or at least it should.  The ad, appearing on the online editorial page of the paper, shows Jesus Christ riding a dinosaur.  The point of the ad is, obviously, to mock those who take literally the interpretation that the earth is only a  few thousand years old. An article on gives additional details on the specific ad.

Christian bashers often use the notion that humans and dinosaurs might have existed on the planet at the same time to poke fun at the faith, saying such a notion is not only entirely impossible but laughable.  Our First Amendment right to freedom of speech does give one the right to engage in such stupid mocking of the faith.  Personally, I feel you'll pay a price for it, but that's just my pesky Christian faith talking, right?

Just because you can do something does not mean that you should.  But I think it's safe to say that the New York Times, nor any other publication, would NOT have the audacity to depict the prophet Mohammed in this way.  I would not mock the muslim prophet this way either, but not because I fear muslims.  I would not do so because I don't want them doing this to our (Christianity's) prophet.  And no, I'm not saying the ad is paid for or supported in any way by any muslim group.  Don't read into this.  Just read it!  Regardless of your feelings on religion, a little common courtesy never hurt anyone.

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