It's not even June and this road couldn't handle the May temperatures. This road is gonna hate August. 

Over in Erath Country, which is in the Stephenville area, a newly paved road is causing quite a bit of accidents. State Highway 6 is literally melting due to the hotter temperatures. The road is seeping tar and oil. Drivers say it's like driving on ice and to take extreme caution.

"It's a bad situation out here," said Bart Greenway, Erath County's justice of the peace. "Country roads are better than this." In just the past couple weeks, the road has 25 accidents on it. This past Friday, signs were posted about the slick road and crews were working on cleaning up the leaking road.

TxDOT released a statement that said, in part, "TxDOT is both actively searching for the reason for the deterioration of the roadway and pursuing an emergency contract to permanently repair it."

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