One of the best menu items at Whataburger got turned into the most awesome wedding cake.

Is it just me or is the groom's cake at a wedding always better? It usually has some awesome design, but I could be biased since I am a guy. They're usually sports, video games or beer themed. I think this one may be the best one of them all.

Cade's Cakes over in Dallas designed this Whataburger groom's cake for the Nolans. It is what many consider the best menu item at Whataburger, the honey bbq chicken strip sandwich. Holy crap, Cade's Cakes you guys nailed this thing. It is absolutely gorgeous.

I think the taquitos are the best thing at Whataburger. I love this sandwich, but I prefer the Buffalo ranch one personally. Maybe one day when I get married I can get Cade's Cakes to make me one of those.

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