It’s not a done deal, so don’t start celebrating just yet. But Denton may decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana.

CBS DFW is reporting that city council member Deb Armintor made her case to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana before the city council on Tuesday (November 2).

While a decision has yet to be made, the move has paved the way for more discussions regarding the ordinance known as the Denton Responsible Reformation of Cannabis Enforcement Act of 2021.

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Decriminalize Denton member Tristan Seikel says marijuana laws serve as a tax on people who are unable to use the drug in a safe space, according to NBC DFW:

People that typically get arrested for cannabis and get cited are people that don’t have a safe space to use these drugs and those people are disproportionately in poverty. What it amounts to is a tax for people who don’t have the safety of doing it in their homes. A lot of upper-middle-class folks, they can just safely use weed in their home, so they are removed from the criminal justice side of this issue.

Personally, I think this is just the latest step toward total decriminalization of recreational marijuana here in Texas.

Last July, Governor Greg Abbott said that he would sign a bill that would ease restrictions on medical marijuana in Texas.

While Texas isn’t considered to be anywhere near total decriminalization of marijuana, every small step counts.

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