A Fort Worth couple suddenly passed away while on vacation in Fiji after contracting a mysterious illness.

David and Michelle Paul were on vacation in Fiji when they fell ill and went to a local hospital for treatment. The illness acted quickly and Michelle reportedly passed away first. David passed later while plans were being made to transfer him to a hospital in Australia for further treatment. The sudden onset and fatal results of the illness shocked those who knew the Pauls, as both were said to b healthy and fit with David being former Air Force and Michelle being a former student athlete.

WFAA reports that the U.S. Embassy in Fiji would not comment directly on the Pauls' death, but did confirm that local authorities had been warning of a dangerous flu strain in the region.

Testing of the couple's remains will be done prior to shipping them back home. If the illness is found to by infectious, it is likely the Pauls will have to be cremated before being returned to their family.

The couple leave behind a 2-year-old son and a daughter from David's previous relationship. Both children were staying with family while their parents were on vacation.

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