Back in the early and mid-1990’s, audiences in Wichita Falls and across Texoma got to know Jeff Hughes as ‘Jeff the Jammer’ on radio station KNIN (known to most of you now as 92-9 NIN). He serves as a youth pastor and has served his community for 20 years as a Wichita Falls Police Officer.

In fact, Jeff just celebrated his 20-year anniversary with the department but had to do so from a hospital bed. According to Jeff’s wife Sandy, on December 27, Jeff was fine. By Dec 30, he found himself hospitalized, eventually unable to move his arms or legs. A perfectly healthy man was suddenly left bedridden.

Jeff Hughes via Facebook

Doctors determined Jeff had some type of autoimmune disease. Sandy tells us his doctors have also diagnosed what’s known as ‘conversion disorder.’ According to the Mayo Clinic, “functional neurologic disorders — a newer and broader term that includes what some people call conversion disorder — feature nervous system (neurological) symptoms that can't be explained by a neurological disease or other medical condition. However, the symptoms are real and cause significant distress or problems functioning.”

Jeff is likely to remain hospitalized for several more days as doctors treat his condition with steroids and plasma exchange. Eventually, he’ll have to enter rehab, so the road ahead could be a long one for Jeff, Sandy and their children.

Friends have established a GoFundMe account to help the family with expenses. Jeff has helped many in our community.  Now, it’s our turn to help Jeff. Click here to donate. We’ll keep you updated on Jeff’s progress.

Officer Jeff Hughes, WFPD