I’ve never served in the military, but I do have family members who have done so.  I have several friends and lots of acquaintances who serve or have served in one (or more) of the wars we’ve been involved in over recent years, from WWII to Afghanistan.  I cannot tell you how many men and women I've met in just the past decade who've come thru the tech training at Sheppard AFB.  I've had the honor of breaking bread with and getting to know, if only for a short time, some very good people.  I have the utmost respect for them and the dire task they must perform.  It’s not easy on them or their families and I salute them for their dedication to our republic.   God Bless each one of you.

That said I have to ask: What the hell is wrong with some of you?  Why do we continue to have this small minority of troops who don’t understand that if you take photographs of yourself doing something you know you are not allowed to do, it’s going to get you and many others into some serious hot water?  I am, of course, making reference to the most recent case of a U.S. soldier posing with what’s left of an Afghan suicide bombers corpse.  The LA Times published the photos early Wednesday and the investigation is on.   And again, it’s a very, very small minority of troops who are engaging in this behavior.  They are NOT representative of our armed forces as a whole.  Most of us know this and understand this.  But when these ‘incidents’ happen, it gives the enemies of our military and our republic (the left-wing nut media, foreign nations who hate us to our core, etc..,) more ammunition against us.

Shame on the LA Times for publishing them; their only interest is circulation.  They claim they have an obligation to their readers to publish the photos.   If it bleeds, it leads and that translates into more papers sold.  I see no redeeming value or journalistic integrity in publishing this stuff.  Shame on the soldier who posed for the pictures back in 2010.  Abu Ghraib taught you nothing?

Don’t misunderstand, please.  I have absolutely no sympathy, feeling, love, care or concern for the terrorist trash that are running wild in Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world.  The only good terrorist is a dead one.  But at some point, our people should get the message: keep the damned cell phone, or camera or whatever you have in your pocket.  Do whatever you need to do to kill and stop the enemy, but please, stop taking pictures of it all.  It’s not helping our case.