Last year, I kept telling friends, family and everyone else that then-candidate Joe Biden appeared to exhibit signs of dementia. Dozens of people attacked me on social media over the observation. How dare I make such an assumption. After all, I’m not a doctor (funny how so many of THEM are now health experts…). But I saw what I saw.

Fast forward to today and it’s clearer than ever before: something isn’t right in the President’s head. I’ve witnessed the horrors of dementia. There is no cure for any of it. Treatment for the symptoms is far from adequate.  There are no survivors of Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body or Huntington’s, just to name a few of the most common forms of the disease. There are no cures. It’s a progressive death sentence I would not wish on anyone. And, I fear, the Commander-In-Chief of our great republic has many of the hallmarks that I have personally seen in family and friends who’ve succumbed to one of these horrors.

That said, Joe Biden has no business being President of the United States. You wouldn’t hand a stick of dynamite to a dementia patient, would you? Why, then, would a nation hand the leadership of the greatest nation in the free world to someone with this condition? I see the hints and signs in him and anyone who has ever been exposed to these diseases has seen them, too. And this is just what they allow us to see. Can you imagine how bad things are behind the curtain? I can.

I’ve watched this play out in my own family half a dozen times in the last 40 years. The outcome is always the same. The hallmarks of the disease almost always present in the same ways: forgetfulness, combativeness, a clear loss of focus and understanding, a very aggressive nature. Rep. Ronny Jackson, a retired Navy Rear Admiral and doctor who served as White House physician under three U.S. Presidents, insists that Biden needs a cognitive exam now. But the outcome won’t be pretty and I can imagine White House and Washington Biden loyalists are, for now, fighting against that.

The President has now found himself in the middle of a self-made disaster in Afghanistan.  Many lives have now been lost and thousands more hang in the balance. As of the day I’m writing this, more than a dozen Marines have lost their lives in another cowardly act of Islamic terrorism at the hands of ISIS. Dozens of Afghan citizens were killed. The Taliban is going door-to-door, looking for Afghani citizens who aided U.S. forces.  Americans trapped in that hell-hole of a country will now likely find themselves hostages. This could have been avoided. The intelligence community warned the administration. And twenty years of war should have taught these lifetime bureaucrats in DC something, but it appears not.

Two things I think you can bank on in Dodge City:

First, Biden will be a one-term President. Even if he’s not bedridden by 2024, his presidency won’t survive this mess. And his VP, Kamala Harris, is almost as unlikeable as Hillary Clinton, so I wouldn’t count on her to pull the party along to victory.

Secondly, speaking of Kamala Harris, I know there are many calling for Biden to resign, but be careful what you wish for. After all, Harris is the second-in-command and I fear could be an even bigger problem for our country. And booting Biden out so quickly may only serve to embolden our enemies, especially Isis, the Taliban and Al Qaeda.  They’d love to revel in the knowledge that they, through fear and intimidation, forced the removal of an American President.

Those concerned about what Biden may or may not do in the second half of his nearly-certain to be one and only term in office should take a deep breath and consider a few things. Biden will be rendered a lame duck without having entered a second and final term in office. Why? The Democrats have a very thin majority in the House and a 50/50 split in the Senate. Last fall, races that were considered solid wins for Democrats ended up going to Republican candidates. If Republican’s can win back control of both houses of Congress, Biden will be left out in the cold, provided Republicans can at last muster the courage to play some real hardball.

Bottom line, those who elevated Joe Biden to the Presidency ignored what should have been very, very obvious-he was not the right man for the job. His presidency will be forever marked by the embarrassment of the deadly and horribly botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, a train-wrecked energy policy (courtesy of the Keystone cancellation, among other things), and the insane and equally unnecessary mess created on our southern border.

None of this had to happen.

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