President Obama is clearly a desperate man.  With straw poll numbers putting Republican hopefuls such as Ron Paul and Herman Cain ahead of him if the election were held today, he must feel the strain of desperation that comes from knowing your 15 minutes of fame are just about up.  And I stand by my notion that Democratic party power players just might work to throw the captain of their rickety old ship overboard in favor a new nominee.  Don't tell me Hillary Clinton wouldn't jump into the fray if the tide turns that way.  She's just a much of a power monger as BHO has ever dreamed of being.  You can see it in her eyes.  She lusts after it.  In what may be yet another sign of desperation, it seems that certain forces with the Obama administration have been rubbed a bit raw by Ford Motor Company's ad campaign touting the fact that they did not take bailout money.  The Street's Ted Reed reports that Ford officials are denying this, but I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility.  I can see that conversation brewing in the 'war room'--How dare those Ford people speak ill of 'The Dear Leaders' bailout of those poor souls at GM and Chrysler.  How dare they turn their capitalist noses up at us--whatever.  I've been a Ford man in the past myself.  And my next purchase will be a Ford.  But I sincerely hope that Ford is not caving to pressure.  It's all sour grapes on the part of the automaker's if they take offense, even if they sound off about it.  But if the Obama administration or anyone in the federal government is actually pressuring Ford somehow to change their advertising tactics, that lowers things to a whole different level.  Something stinking in Detroit.