On Saturday, you may have seen a Facebook Live video from inside the Oklahoma County Jail. Here is what went down over the weekend.

Scary situation at the Oklahoma County Jail in Oklahoma City. A corrections officer was handing out medication on the 10th floor of the facility. An inmate was able to grab the officer's keys and hold him hostage on the floor. An inmate filming the incident on the officer's phone went live on his Facebook. They claim the hostage was taken because they have been living in filth for months.

In the video they say they have not showered in weeks, they have been stuck in their cells for days and they have no running water in the facility. The inmate who took the officer hostage was holding the officer's keys to his neck. A team with shields and rifles got onto the floor to rescue the officer.

Lethal force was taken and the inmate was shot and killed. The correctional officer, who was taken hostage, was taken to a nearby hospital to receive treatment for his neck. This is the fifth person to die at the Oklahoma County Jail in 2021. According to Rev. T. Sheri Dickerson, leader of Black Lives Matter-Oklahoma City, inmates have repeatedly complained about moldy food, lack of water and access to basic sanitation, including showers.

“This is nothing new,” Dickerson said. “The inhumane conditions of the Oklahoma County jail are horrendous.” District Attorney David Prater said Sunday that the  jail's operation is worse than it's ever been. "It's never been so understaffed. It's never been so corrupt and it's never been so dangerous," he said.

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