How in the hell is this even possible?

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Last night we were all keeping an on the storms throughout Texoma. We already shared some pretty crazy footage from Crowell and Lockett, Texas. Which you can check out here if you're interested. However, what I want to share today comes from Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Last night a lightening strike hit an apartment building. Nothing too shocking there, however I didn't think this could happen.

The bolt of lightening went THROUGH the vent and stuck the toilet. Either someone had too much Taco Bell or Thor was pissed at this toilet for some reason. Thankfully the apartment was empty at the time, but someone is supposed to move in today. How in the hell can you live there now? I would think this place is cursed.


The odds of getting struck by lightening are 1 in 500,000. What are the odds on lightening striking a vent and completely destroying your toilet? Fire crews that reported to the scene had never seen anything like it and I don't think anybody else has as well.


We always here to go into our bathroom or a closet during a storm. Imagine little Billy sitting on the toilet during the storm and then BAM little Billy is vaporized. We all know how powerful tornadoes and lightening can be living here in Texas and Oklahoma. Now I have to be worried about taking a dump in a storm the rest of my life. Thanks Thor!

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