Someone told her that her husband came in earlier that day to vote.

Voting for the primary in Oklahoma was on Tuesday. Up in Yukon, one woman named Glennie went into vote this week. When she went into vote, she was going to tell them her husband recently passed away. The person working the voter registration said that he already came in to vote. This would be impossible and the Canadian County Election Board is trying to figure out what happened.

The poll worker told the county election officials that they checked the man’s ID, and then the man signed his name into the book. At that point, he was given a Republican ballot. Glennie took a look at the signature in the book and she said it looked nothing like her husband's penmanship. “They’re exploiting my husband. He was a Marine, he served his country,” Glennie said. “Now somebody is taking advantage of his name.”

“I had to make some calls to the VA and to start checking around to see if his name has been used any place else,” Glennie said. “It’s difficult enough to get over the loss.” So far, county officials say they don’t know if the person had a fake ID or if this was a simple mistake and a voter was issued the wrong ballot. The Canadian County Election Board says this is still under investigation, and they will provide more information after they figure out what exactly happened.

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