It's right next to the most iconic Wichita Falls landmarks, so something needs to been done with it.

The Falls here in Wichita Falls is one of those things that everybody has been to or at least driven by. A hotel was built there and I remember it was a Holiday Inn when I first moved here. My family actually stayed there when I graduated from college. The hotel eventually became Hotel Wichita Falls and not too long after it shut down.

The hotel has laid abandoned for a few years now. What is the plan for this thing? This location needs to be something. I remember when we got all that rain that area flooded bad, so maybe that is why no one wants that location.

My question today is, what would you want there? Another hotel, turn it into a park, restaurant, Official Falls Gift Shop and Visitor Center? Let me know in the comments as to what you would want to see in this location.

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