Take your stinking paws off me you damn dirty ape!

So I want you to imagine a relaxing Sunday afternoon, when all of the sudden you hear some noises coming from your front door. That's what happened to Brittany Parker over the weekend in Carter County, Oklahoma. She went to go see what was going on and it was a small monkey climbing around her front porch.

The monkey was trying to open Brittany's screen door to her house. The little animal actually broke the button off the handle, preventing it from being able to relatch shut. Police were called to the scene as Brittany kept trying to keep the door closed. The monkey was able to get on top of Brittany's head. Ripping out chunks of her hair and as you can see in the video above. Her ear was nearly ripped off from the incident.

The monkey tried to flee after the attack, but a family member was able to fire two shots once it was off Brittany's head killing the monkey. Police have not given the name of the owner of the monkey, but apparently the monkey's name was Jack.

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Folks in the neighborhood were unaware that someone had a pet monkey. In the state of Oklahoma, you do not need a permit to keep a primate as a pet. So the owner was not doing anything illegal, but since the animal has harmed another individual a case has been turned over to the local district attorney.

Brittany says she will need plastic surgery to get her ear fixed from this ordeal.

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