Prank calls to radio and television news programs are nothing new.  There's a time for humor and then there's a time to just keep it to yourself.  Yesterday's horrific slaughter of 298 people by the Russians (allegedly) when that Malaysia Airlines flight was shot down in eastern Ukraine-that's one of those moments when ANY attempt at humor is just not acceptable.

During  MSNBC coverage of the event, a caller got past the call screener (assuming they use one) and the results were at best embarrassing for the network and most especially for the host who clearly doesn't have a clue.  The caller claimed to be some sort of American military official in Ukraine who witnessed the event.  New York Daily News reports that the caller could have been a frequent caller to Howard Stern's show who goes by the name 'Captain Janks'.

'Janks', whose real name is  Thomas Cipriano, has a history of calling in to live TV news programs, but its not clear if he is in fact the one who made the prank call to MSNBC.  Watch the video below, but beware NSFW due to mild language.



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