Governor Perry indicted.  It’s like a democrats dream come true: a (mostly) well liked and (mostly) respected Republican elected official gets to take the perp walk.  Well, sort of anyway.  I am not altogether surprised by this move.  The Democratic Party in Texas has been on life support for years now.  Their best option for a gubernatorial candidate this time around is a woman who has staked her entire political existence on the ‘right’ to ‘terminate’ a pregnancy (aka abortion).  Really?  This is the best they’ve got?  Good luck with her.

It’s no wonder that in light of the high likelihood that our next governor will be Gregg Abbot, the outgoing Attorney General of Texas, and the ever increasing chances that Perry will make another run at the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, that the liberals in Texas would pull out all the stops to make both men look foolish.  This move is just over the top.  Over the top stupid, that is.

Officially, the Travis County Grand Jury indicted Perry for ‘Abuse of Official Capacity’ and ‘Coercion of a Public Servant’.  Why?  Let’s go back to April 2013.  Rosemary Lehmberg, the district attorney for Travis County, plead guilty to drunk driving.  She was slapped with a sentence of 45 days in jail. Governor Perry called for her resignation.  Lehmberg effectively gave the Governor the finger by refusing to step down.

Perry threatened to veto funding for the Public Integrity Unit.  It’s a division of the Travis County District Attorney’s Office that investigates fraud allegations brought against Texas politicians.  Few outside of Austin pay any attention to them.  After seeing how Lehmberg handled herself after her arrest, the fact that she was the overseer of something called the ‘integrity unit’ seems just laughable, doesn’t it?  As promised, Governor Perry followed through and vetoed the funding.  This, no doubt, left a few left wing nuts fuming, lusting for revenge.

Democrats from shore to shore have called for Perry to resign, which he won’t.  Make no mistake; there are plenty of Republicans who will turn on Perry because of this.  Many of them are likely Chris Christie supporters, who are essentially Democrats in Republican clothing.  We call them RINO’s (Republican’s in Name Only).  What I believe these folks seek to do is scare wealthy campaign donors away from Perry and shuttle them to the Christie camp.  I don’t suggest that Christie masterminded any of this.  But this move just might be part of a broader left-wing conspiracy to de-rail Perry and perhaps scare other Republican hopefuls (or advance a RINO who has legal troubles of his own).  Fox News reported the following:

According to a Media Research Center analysis, from the moment Perry was indicted on two flimsy counts by a Travis County, Texas grand jury on August 15 through the morning of August 20, the Big Three broadcast networks – ABC, CBS, and NBC – have run 24 stories totaling 38 minutes and 34 seconds across their morning and evening broadcasts.

In all that coverage, not one single story mentioned that the group responsible for filing the complaint against Perry in June, Texans for Public Justice (TPJ), is part of a “progressive” coalition that has received $500,000 in funding from prolific left-wing billionaire George Soros.

TPJ and its leader, Craig McDonald, are the same group that went after Tom DeLay.  They’ve long been very secretive as to who is funding them.  The fact that Soros is connected is no shock.  And frankly, it explains a great deal about the shady methods of this left-wing organization.  Desperate to derail conservatives, a group like TPJ will pull out all the stops to hobble a candidate.

As I have said all along, if you want to know who’s pulling the strings of Obama, Pelosi, Reid and others, just follow the money.  The whole, greasy trail leads right back to Soros.  His fingerprints have been all over the Socialist…I mean ‘Democratic’…party long before anyone had ever even heard of a ‘community organizer’ named Barack Hussein Obama.  What are the odds Soros’ used his own pen and phone to press a Perry indictment?  Based on the Fox News and Media Research analysis of things, pretty good, especially given the Texans for Public Justice connection.

Perry did the right thing.  He did just what you and I would have to do-he turned himself in.  He will not see a single day in jail, because these charges are frivolous at best.  But don’t expect the charges to go away anytime soon.  The liberal goons both in Travis County and Washington, DC will milk this cow as long as they can.  Soros hates conservatives and he hates America, at least the America so many of us cherish.  His pockets are miles deep so they’ll get some traction out this for a little while.  But in the end, it just might hurt them.  It just might help Rick Perry, too.  Sometimes any press is good press.

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