What are they thinking in Washington? Just treat that question as rhetorical. To actually try an answer it will cut valuable time out of your work day for which your employer will never forgive me.

Let’s run down the three big issues this week that are on Texan’s minds.

The Border

While the flow of illegals across the Rio Grande has slowed, it’s far from stopped. One rancher has documented several dead bodies on his own property along the border. You can see some of the pictures here courtesy of Info Wars, but be warned - they are graphic.  And even the border agents themselves clearly feel powerless amid the ridiculous decision making from Washington that has led to this mess:

Oh and just in case you missed it, as Rep. Tom Marino (R-PA) was urging his colleagues on the House floor on Saturday to support a bill to deal with the border 'crisis', Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) chased after Marino on the floor, ignoring all protocol, shaking her bony finger at Marino, calling him names and generally acting like the head case we all know she truly is:

It’s time for nana to be put into a home.

The VA

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. The VA scandal is still here, it’s just been pushed down a notch or two by the border debacle. Millions in bonuses, inexcusable wait times for appointments, prescriptions not filled, services denied-and through it all, Congress just beats the same old drum: how much money should we through upon this steaming pile of manure?  According to the Wall Street Journal:

“Republicans agreed to give the Obama Administration $5 billion to hire more doctors, nurses and medical staff, and another $1.5 billion to underwrite leases on 27 new medical facilities—despite underutilization of existing VA facilities. Democrats agreed that $10 billion could go to fund private care for veterans who are waiting in VA lines. This provision sunsets once the $10 billion is exhausted, or after three years—whichever comes first.”

The veterans I’ve talked to here in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma are generally satisfied with the care they get locally. Oklahoma City and Dallas-where thousands of our local veterans must travel each month for care-they aren’t so satisfied them.  And the scandal as a whole has these men and women seriously angered. They want a few pounds of flesh, not the litany of excuses and conjecture they’ve been fed for so long. The failures of the VA are criminal and should be treated as such.

The Impeachment of President Obama

Should it happen? House Speaker John Boehner has said no, not happening. Just the response we should expect from a RINO. Millions of Americans are calling for Obama’s impeachment. But would it serve any purpose? The act of impeachment itself is often confused with removal from office. The House of Representatives can impeach a president (as they did Bill Clinton in 1999). It’s the process of formally accusing the president of criminal acts while in office. The act of removing him from office rests with the Senate. That’s not going to happen as long as the democrats control the Senate. Impeachment could send a strong signal and would go a long way toward rebuilding the American voter’s confidence in the Republican Party. But rest assured, Obama isn’t going anywhere…yet.

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