Here's reason number 147 that I am NOT a fan of tiny little aircraft.  None of these people seem to be over a buck seventy-five.  I have doubts that a big boy like myself would fare so well.  Then again, I might bounce better.  These poor souls were on a short excursion in Idaho and were off to have dinner in a small town in the mountains when things just went wrong.

According to various reports, the three passengers and pilot escaped with only minor injuries after crashing into trees shortly after take-off.  The plane reportedly hit an air pocket which forced the plane down into the trees.  Warm weather had already hampered their efforts to gain altitude.  A retired firefighter rescued the four a short time after the crash.  The video from is below.  Warning: if the sight of blood bothers you, the last few seconds of this video ain't for you.

Watch a plane crash filmed from inside the cockpit:

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