As states roll out the COVID-19 vaccine, a survey from the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that only about half of Americans are ready to take the vaccine.

According to KWTX, about a quarter of those polled said they weren’t sure whether or not they would ultimately get the vaccine, while another quarter said they wouldn’t get it at all.

The biggest issue for those on the fence about the vaccine is concern about just how safe the vaccine will be. Many people want to give it a while to see how well the initial shots do.

Of the 1,117 American adults surveyed, about 30% said they’re very or extremely confident that the new vaccines have been properly tested. About the same amount of people said they weren’t confident. Roughly 60% of respondents are somewhere in between.

Side effects are the biggest concern for about 70% of those who said they would not get the vaccine. The two frontrunners for the vaccine, Pfizer and Moderna, claim no serious side effects have been discovered during testing. Much like vaccines that target the flu, individuals who receive the COVID-19 vaccine could possibly experience fever, fatigue or arm soreness at the point of injection.

With so many people unsure of how safe or effective the vaccine will be, it could be difficult to reach herd immunity. Experts suggest 70% of the U.S. population needs to be vaccinated to get to the point to where enough people are protected that the virus can be held in check.

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