President Barack Obama is set to deliver his farewell address today (January 10) from the McCormick Place convention center in Chicago at 9PM, just ten days before passing the baton to controversial president-elect Donald Trump.

The speech will air on traditional cable networks like Fox, NBC, ABC and CBS, but for those of you without access to a television, fear not: A partnership between VRScout and the White House has reportedly enabled the speech to be broadcast live online in 360 video, according to Mashable.

"People will have differing opinions [regarding Obama's political legacy], but for future generations, for the first time, they’ll be able to go and sit and stand next to a president as he delivers his farewell. Not only will we be doing it live, but we’ll also have a 4K version of this that will be forever accessible,” said Eric Chevalier, the co-founder of VRScout.

“For us to be able to have a hand, to do things that matter, it’s an ongoing humbling experience,” he continued.

VRScout is looking to broadcast the event on Facebook, Periscope and YouTube, the latter of which will reportedly be accessible to all viewers.

The White House will also stream Obama's address live on its Facebook account and official website, but only VRScout will offer a 360 view of the speech.

“It’s a passing of the baton,” said White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki, according to the Chicago Tribune.

She continued, explaining why Obama decided to deliver his speech in Chicago, making him the first sitting president to give a farewell address in his hometown.

"Chicago was a natural place for him, not just because it's his hometown," Psaki continued, "but because it's where he got his political start, and it's where he really first learned the lesson … that it's about the actions of individuals and the actions of people, that's how real change happens.”

Senior adviser Valerie Jarrett expounded on the content of Obama’s speech, saying, "His intention is to motivate people to want to get involved and fight for their democracy.

"The major focus on the speech isn't going to be reflecting back on how far we've come over the last eight years, but really looking forward and how we take the accomplishments," she continued, "many (of which) through the hard work and grit of the American people came to fruition, and build on that going forward."

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