This is why I can feel my blood pressure start to rise as soon as I hit I-35 in Fort Worth.

And the thing is, I lived in the Metroplex for about a year and a half. Still, I never could quite get used to the traffic.

Now, the video tweeted out (or is it X’d out now?) is captioned with “average Dallas driver.” But I disagree. I feel like a few bad apples have given the whole bunch a bad reputation.

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But with that being said, there’s no shortage of bad drivers in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Watch as someone who is either distracted or just extremely reckless move into the middle lane and smack right into a pickup in the lane, sending the car airborne. Lucky for the driver, the car comes back down on all four wheels before skidding to a stop on the shoulder.

It doesn’t appear that anyone that anyone was seriously injured in the wreck. But, I bet the driver of the car needed a clean pair of underwear afterward.

Take a look at the video here.

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