A frustrated dad captured hearts on Reddit when he shared the hard times his "unlucky" daughter has been going through.

Sharing his plight on Reddit, the man explained how his 23-year-old daughter Vicky has been dealt a hard hand in life. "She struggled through high school but 3 years ago she finally pulled up her socks and got herself into a nursing program. She also got a job at the hospital as an attendant, and has been doing nursing on-the-job training as well. I am so unbelievably proud of her," he wrote.

Unfortunately, two years ago "she found a lump on her breast" that was diagnosed as "pre-cancerous," so she underwent surgery to "remove a significant amount of mass."

"She was on sick leave for a while, but pushed herself to return to work early. That was a bad idea, because she ended up tearing her internal stitches, causing her to miss even more work. Lesson learned, she moved on," he continued.

Last year his daughter was "ordered to move a corpulent (overweight) patient without the lift that is typically used for such moves," and the patient fell on top of her, "injuring nerves and tendons in her lower back, hip, and leg."

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"Again, she's been on sick leave since. Her employer started initiating proceedings that I believe were meant to intimidate her last month: an investigation into the legitimacy of her claim, despite a full record of doctor visits and recommendations that she not work. The investigation was recently dropped, and Vicky returned to work last week on a progressive plan," the man continued.

Making things worse, he recently received a text that his daughter was in a car accident where she was T-boned by a driver who ran a red light.

"Vicky also wasn't badly injured, thankfully, but the crash exacerbated her previous injury, and knocked her neck around pretty good. She will, of course, recover ... but her mental health is taking a beating," the dad shared, adding that he's worried about her job and "would hate for her to get screwed because of another absence," as his daughter is extremely "passionate about nursing."

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"In the end, I'm going to do my dad thing and stick by her through all this. I'll try to advise her if something happens, but honestly I just want my little girl to be happy and safe ... and it seems like forever since that's been the case. She works so hard and deserves so much, but she keeps getting kicked in the teeth by life," the man concluded.

In the Reddit comments, users rallied behind the dad, with many offering him encouraging words.

"As someone whose life has been a series of unfortunate events, I feel your daughter's pain. I'm glad she has you there to support her. I wish I had some advice, but I just take it one day at a time and do my best to roll with the punches," one person wrote.

"Change the narrative. Your daughter is so very lucky. Lucky she caught her cancer in time, lucky that a patient falling on her didn’t do even more damage, lucky she survived a car wreck with minor injuries, and lucky to have a dad who loves her so much. She’ll get through this, and 40 minutes isn’t an absurd commute if she needs to switch employers," another shared.

"This is so sad. Seeing your child struggling for no fault of their own is every parent’s biggest fear since there really isn’t much you can do to help them. I hope she’ll overcome all the hardships she’s been through and thrive later on in life," someone else commented.

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