Would you have agreed to marry a person that fake kidnapped you at gunpoint which later turned out to be part of your marriage proposal?

A man from Sydney, Australia was vacationing with his girlfriend and their families in Lebanon. His sister, Tahlia, posted a video of the ordeal and proposal on her TikTok account which gained quite a lot of backlash for the way he chose to frighten her.

The bride-to-be Vanessa was seen in the clip drinking her coffee in the backseat of a car along with her aunt, sister and boyfriend's sister. The apparent criminals approached their car while they were driving in the middle of the road. They walked up with guns (which were later confirmed to be fake) while donnings balaclavas.

"No, please!" Vanessa yelled. "I'm not going with them - I told them I'll give them whatever they want."

They pulled Vanessa into a separate vehicle and blindfolded her, against her will. Meanwhile, her family knew about the proposal and got into their car to meet up with her boyfriend.

"She's going to f-----g lose it," a person could be heard saying in the video.

She was visibly petrified and tearing up. The "kidnappers" brought her out of the car and led her down a gravel path to the beach. When they removed her blindfold, she saw her family on the beach with her boyfriend of 10 years holding flowers and a live band performing.

He chuckled as he walked toward her while he pulled out a ring box. He got down on one knee while Vanessa was crying and laughing simultaneously.

"You're joking!" Vanessa screamed before she accepted the proposal.

Tahlia explained to the The Daily Mail that her future sister-in-law was "genuinely happy" with the proposal and engagement.

"[Adam] always joked that he wanted to propose in a way to scare her and my family joined in and made it possible when she was visiting family in Lebanon," she shared. "They always play pranks on each other so it's just their relationship ... the overall planning took three months."

Watch the full ordeal, below.

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