I happened to stumble on this article that gave me a good chuckle today.

Oh my goodness, trying to find something today that doesn't deal with snow and ice was almost impossible. Whenever this happens, I just Google Wichita Falls and see if anything catches my eye. I happened to find an article from Texas Monthly, let's hop in our Deloreans and go back to the year 1978.


Texas Monthly's November 1978 had a simple story on bad jobs in Texas. Some interesting ones made the list. Blast furnace operator, having to handle 2800-degree flowing molten iron, yeah that would suck on a hot Texas day. Highway button layer, having to lay down those little things that divide the highway up? Yup also a crappy job.

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Rendering plant worker, having to haul and discard dead animals. Oh we're getting gross on the list now. Munitions plant worker, someone that is basically handling dynamite. Now the stress factor is increasing as we go along here. Then we go to chicken sexer? The worker that handles little baby chickens and determines what sex they are. I don't know if this one is so bad, very boring if you had to do it hours all day.


However, one more job is on the list. Being a full time resident of Wichita Falls, Texas. Guys I swear to God this was printed back in 1978 by a man named Richard West. What the hell did you guys do to Richard back in the day for him to put all of you on blast across Texas.

Here are some key excerpts from Richard's article.

"It’s hard work living in Wichita Falls. Most people would rather be charged by rhinos."


"Wichita Falls is next to nowhere and all it has is bad weather."


"The countryside is drab brown with sickly mesquites, the weather is unbelievable."


"If a city could be a person, I guess Wichita Falls would be Howard Cosell, the city you love to hate.”

You can read everything that Richard had to say here. I was hoping for a just kidding or all in good fun thing as the end. Nah, I think Richard really hate you guys back in 1978. I couldn't find a lot on Richard, but I did find an article on Richard West from D Magazine called the "The Author People Love to Hate". I guess Richard was good at getting under people's skin and I'm sure he pissed a lot of you off back in the day.

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