Get the hell out of of my face Phil, it's Bob's day in my book.

Can I just say, I hate Groundhog Day? What a pointless holiday that people seem to care about. Why do we as a society do something that should have stayed in the 1800's? Maybe I am just a negative Nancy, but I hate that stupid Groundhog. I refuse to let Punxsutawney Phil tell me what the weather is going to be.

Six more weeks of winter Phil? No s***, I need a Texas forecaster that deals with our bipolar weather here. Good News, we have Bee Cave Bob in Texas. Yes, we have our own animal predicting the weather for us on this day. We don't have a stupid groundhog, we have an armadillo.

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Why an armadillo? Texas that's why. Bee Cave Bob lives over in Bee Cave, Texas and for over a decade he has been trying to stick it to Punxsutawney Phil. Today Bob predicted an early spring for us. Really Bob? Well whatever you say, I will bust out the shorts and ignore this winter weather advisory. Bob says it's spring whatever the meteorologist tells you tonight is a lie, the armadillo has spoken.


Honestly as this point. Just let Bob and Phil fight to the death. Whoever wins gets the official day and they're our official weather predictor for America. Tell me you wouldn't pay money for that fight?

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