Fishman Public Relations has issued a press release on behalf of Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores corporate concerning customers affected by the closing of the Sears Hometown Store in Wichita Falls:

“Customer satisfaction is one of our highest priorities in the retail business and we are greatly concerned after learning the stories of the customers affected by the unexpected closing of the Wichita Falls store. It’s extremely frustrating to us because we never want to see our customers inconvenienced in any way. Because the store was owned by an independent owner/operator and not the company, Sears Hometown does not have the authorization to enter the store property at this time. We are currently doing everything possible from a legal standpoint to gain access to the property to serve customers’ needs. Meanwhile, we are working to reach the three customers that were included in (the local)  TV segment to resolve their individual situations.

 If any customers impacted by this unexpected store closing would like to reach us...we ask that they please call 1-847-286-7000.  That is the correct call center phone number for customer service. We have alerted our customer service representatives to be on the lookout for their calls and will work to fulfill your orders through other nearby open stores. We genuinely apologize to the customers who appeared in your story and any others who might be experiencing similar situations. Please know we are doing everything possible to resolve the issues.”

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