Customers of the locally owned and operated Sears Hometown Store franchise in Wichita Falls have found themselves locked out -- literally -- and a notice on the door indicates it's because of unpaid rent.

A hand-written note from the management indicated the store would be closed until May 22. But one week later, another notice has appeared that shows the landlord, Price Edwards and Company, have locked the doors on the franchise over non-payment of rent.

Sears Hometown WF letter 1

The letter states that Cheryl Warren, operating under the dba (doing business as) of Faith Retail, LLC, is more than $11,000 behind on rent. Attempts to reach Cheryl Warren have not been successful. A call to Price Edwards had not yet been returned as of 3 pm Tuesday. Several customers have indicated on social media that they have reached out to Sears Corporate, but those attempts have not proven successful.

The store is located on Southwest Parkway next to Hobby Lobby and opened just over a month ago on April 5.

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