Oh the humanity!

Well it looks like Houston police got a call yesterday afternoon about a possible homicide. A woman was found missing her head and thrown in the woods wearing lingerie. Definitely scared the crap out of whoever found this thing and immediately called the police.

Original Statement from Houston Sheriff

Police found the body and upon further inspection. It was not an actual body, but a life like sex doll. That I guess someone was done with. Instead of throwing it into a dumpster or trash can, just toss it in the woods to scare the crap out of everybody. Also, where the hell is her head? Do we have a murderer in training testing out his decapitation skills on sex dolls?

Check Out the 'Dead Body' in Question Below

Of Course This Has Lead to My Favorite Response from the Story

As much as I do appreciate someone in Texas looking out for the good of the community. I won't lie, I would have thought it was a dead body as well from a distance. We need to have proper disposal methods of sex dolls I guess. I can't wait til we start running PSA's that say, "Don't Mess with Texas, put your sex dolls in the proper receptacles."

Who knows, this could be the doll that was stolen from DW's Adult Video last month? Maybe the person has had their fun and disposed of the doll on the other side of Texas? It is possible. If you want to check out that full story, read here.

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