Things could have gotten awful freaky yesterday in Oklahoma.

One of the biggest headaches when it comes to traffic accidents is an overturned tractor trailer. Most of the time when this happens, their load will spill all over the highway. Well the load yesterday was an interesting one just southwest of Oklahoma City. It looks like an eighteen wheeler was a making a distribution to an adult themed warehouse.

All of the sex toys and lube aboard spilled all over the Oklahoma highway. I love the News9 team during the coverage in the studio. "Jim, could you tell us what this truck was carrying?" Jim goes silent for several seconds and just zooms in on the wreckage. I wish Jim would have said, "We have got quite the sticky situation down here." Jim is a professional and would never do such a thing.

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My question to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, how do you clean gallons of lube off a highway? You can just sweep this into a bucket. I imagine this is like when a kid pukes in grade school. Throw bunch of sawdust on the ground and then scoop it up. Maybe even have to give the highway a power washing before opening up traffic.


One of these lanes is going right into an off ramp. Can't have people Tokyo drifting off of the highway. Hopefully the people that ordered their lube and sex toys understand their shipments maybe delayed over the next few days. All that's important is no one was hurt and we all got a good laugh on a Friday.

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