Soccer has never really caught on in the United States as an ‘adult’ game.  It’s never held the status that American football and baseball have long enjoyed.  Here in Texas, it’s largely a kids game.  Many of us parents spent countless hours and untold sums of money on soccer balls, gasoline and juice boxes.  But soccer with cars, a giant ball and semi dangerous heavy equipment...well, that's right up our alley here in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.

Most of us around here love auto racing, cars and heavy equipment almost as much as we love football.  Almost, that is. But what if you combined racing, a couple of excavators and a giant soccer ball?  This video is from the 3rd Annual Fastracs auto soccer game. The soccer ball is 8 feet in diameter and this looks like a wild time.  It took place in Red Hook, New York and I’m seeing this right here in our own backyard soon.  What do you think?


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