We're getting arena soccer in 2019 and they're letting us pick the team name. Now it is time for me to throw my dumb ideas out there.

We let you guys know last month that Wichita Falls was getting an arena soccer team. I spoke this morning with Stephanie Tucker with Falls Town Professional Sports. She let me know what we could look forward to this coming season with the soccer team. The most exciting thing is that tickets start at just six bucks.

We have a lot to look forward to with this team, but what will this team be called? Submissions from the community are going in now through January 25. You can submit your ideas on FC Wichita Falls Facebook page. If you don't have a facebook, submit your team name idea through email to tickets@fcwichitafalls.com.

Winner will be chosen on February 13 and you get two season tickets to FC Wichita Falls home games for the 2019 season. I want those season tickets, so I have already submitted my two ideas. As I have stated before, I HATE generic animal for a team name. We NEED to have something that only Wichita Falls can use as a team name.

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    Wichita Falls Red Draws

    Photo Credit: Dave Diamond/Townsquare Media ©2016
    Photo Credit: Dave Diamond/Townsquare Media ©2016

    Yes, I have already tried to use this team name for the hockey team. By the way, how did that idea not even make the top ten? I want red and black to be the colors for the team. You could have an angry beer mug be the mascot. Come on, it would be epic and the merchandise would fly off the shelves.

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    Wichita Falls Big Blue Bruisers


    Alright, if you're worried about the beer association with your sports team, hear me out on my second idea. The Big Blue Bruisers. Colors would be powder blue and white in honor of our most famous building in Wichita Falls. The mascot would be a Macho Man lookalike since Big Blue is home to the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame. Come on! You know you want to do one of these ideas that are truly unique to Wichita Falls. If anyone is reading this that works for FC Wichita Falls. PLEASE, NO ANIMAL TEAM NAME!

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