Whoever did this, you're the lowest of the low. Let those people rest in peace.

I was honestly shocked when I saw these pictures this morning. Over in Waurika, Oklahoma the Dudley Funeral Home is dealing with a horrible situation at the cemetery. Someone appears to have driven over graves causing unknown amounts of damage at this point. The Dudley Funeral Home is doing all they can to try to find the individual or individuals responsible for this terrible crime.

They have released the names of the people whose plots, graves or stones that were run over. They don't believe any monuments were broken but a number of them will need to be pulled up and reset. Below are the list of names. If a friend or family member is on this list you can call the Dudley Funeral Home at (580) 228-3535 to ask about the damage.

Names of Graves Damaged in Waurika

Bessie Harrison
Alta & Woodrow Maxwell
Mary & L. G. Jarvis
Ruby & G. Kyle McMinn
Grace & Cecil Wood
Donald Wood
John Davis
Patsy Lou Harris
Fred Boyd
George B. Jones
Mattie Jones
Ruby Spivey
Orphia & James Robert Sr.
Joan & Ceburn Lovett
Ronnie Porterfield
Nona Porterfield
Diane Porterfield
Eula Porterfield
Minnie & Barney Porterfield
Fern & Charles Clutz
Harold Biffle
Donald & Lorene Morrison
George & Opel Farmer
Idea & Claudia Guy
Nieves Gonzales
Dorothy McAdoo
Rev. Herschel & Mildred Eslinger
Andy Mock
Dewey & Clara Herndon
Charles & Alice Herndon
Nan & James Rice
WM. Creed & Doris Burger
Mary & Raymond Herron
Obed & Ethel Bennett
Ruth & Floyd Wood

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