Listen parents, I know the thought of free diapers for those babies is too good to pass up, but this is a SCAM!

I really didn't think I needed to write this story, but it looks like I do. I have sadly seen FIVE of my friends share this similar link over the past week and I can't take it anymore. It looks like we have some fine folks from Zimbabwe trying to scam Wichita Falls citizens. They're using trading posts pages to do so.

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I need to make this abundantly clear. DO NOT CLICK THOSE LINKS THAT ARE ATTACHED IN THAT POST. IF YOU'RE DOING SO IT IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND I WANT NO BLAME. I have attached one here from a lovely fellow named Malvin Ndhlovu. Claiming if you want diapers, baby wipes, it's all free just click this link for more. People for the love of god, DO NOT FALL FOR THIS CRAP.


Here is another one from Zimbabwe from someone called Zibusiso Zuma Tshuma. They're once again using a Wichita Falls trading page to scam parents. FREE DIAPER GIVEAWAY THIS SUNDAY in Wichita Falls. All the diapers and wipes your little heart desires just click this link for more!

I can't believe, I have to let people know about easily seen scams like this. Remember back in the day where it was Ellen DeGeneres is giving away millions of dollars. Share this and click this link for more. I can't believe people fall for this crap, but then again. At one point in time, people were believing Bruce Willis was moving to Texoma. That video above.

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