Oh no, the fake musicians have made their way to Wichita Falls?

Some people will say respect the game, but I have been dealing with panhandlers all my life. Growing up in Baltimore, I would see folks begging for money all the time. Here's a fun thing I would do in the winter. Go buy them a meal at McDonald's and be sure I got a receipt. I would tell them to go inside and warm up for a bit. They could at least get out of the cold for an hour and since they had a receipt, they were a paying customer.

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I will never give anybody cash. If someone is willing to turn down food, that is always sketchy to me. Now, I have seen the following scam played out in major cities for years now, but honestly didn't think someone would pull it in Wichita Falls. The classic musician scam. Do not get me wrong, I have seen people perform music on the street and that is not who I am talking about.

I am talking about the people like the folks seen above, who attempt to mime along with music playing. Some folks could think, wow these guys are so talented I should give them a few bucks. Listen, do whatever the hell you want with your money, but this dude is not playing this violin.


Hate to break it to you if you visited the Target in Wichita Falls this week. I would expect to see something like this in Dallas, shocked to see someone trying to pull it off in Wichita Falls. Best of luck on the next performance guys, hope the batteries don't die on that speaker or you're f***ed.

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