As much as the Grammy Awards this year was designed to shock and offend, tonight’s Stat of the Union address will shock, disappoint and, to be frank, piss people off.  Tonight, President Obama will stand before a joint session of congress and the American people and give his sixth State of the Union Speech.  No doubt, tonight’s speech will be filled with grandiose claims and promises covering everything from jobs to gay marriage to so-called immigration reform.

If we've learned anything about this president since January 2008, it's not to over expect from him and don't underestimate him.  The man cannot deliver a speech to room of grade school children without a teleprompter, but he will tonight promise to act alone to force even more dictatorial rule down your throat.  Congress might as well not even show up.  Below is a video assembled by that follows 16 lies Obama has previously dished out in his SOTU addresses. After tonight you’ll likely have a few new ones to add to the list.

You can watch the tonight’s State of the Union Speech live in the player below: